Whither freedom?

Drowning, drowning, freedom is drowning
in the quagmire of falsehoods foaming around
perfidious promises keep plundering hope

They want freedom to be tongue-tied and servile
to seek permission to express itself by their rules
drowning, drowning, freedom is drowning!

Freedom is bloodied and pulverised
its face dunked in the dirt of unkept undertakings,
in the quagmire of falsehoods foaming around

But freedom wil not give in easily. It will surely
fight back and expose oblique oaths and the
perfidious promises that keep plundering hope.

Written for Sadje’s wdys and David’s W3 (for my own prompt).

Sharing at dVerse OLN.

61 thoughts on “Whither freedom?

  1. We think we want, freedom, but, we really hadn’t, defined, freedom, fully, and, completely yet, which translates to we don’t even know what exactly it is we want, so, we basically, go, with the, flows.

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