Where dreams had died and…

I am in his city after a long, long time
my impudent feet, despite my stern command,
traverse the same old path
they had taken some twenty years ago

It is a surprise that the place still stands
despite the modernization whirlwind
I make for the same corner table
the gladioli in the crystal vase
bring back memories that need exorcism

I order a bottle of Zinfandel to quieten the ghosts
as I wait, I glare at the textured walls
that snag my tortured thoughts
which have gone into a tailspin
listening to Cale in the background

There’s no buzz of conversation
as it is a slow Monday
discreetly under the table, I kick off my heels
and I can swear they sighed inaudibly
being caressed by the cool marble floor 

“Still the barefoot goddess!”
the voice from the past that could liquify my heart!
exasperated with my imagination
I shakily reach for my glass
he slides into the chair opposite me and just sits there_

biting my lips I try to contain the decades old maelstrom inside
it threatens to spill from my eyes
looking intently and earnestly into my welled up eyes,
he says, “Please let me begin from the beginning…

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Merril, says: So today, in my father’s honor, I invite you to write a poem of any style about a restaurant.

71 thoughts on “Where dreams had died and…

  1. Punam this is more than a poem…what a wonderful read, full of so many emotions and sensations….it has the feel of a classic film, a pivotal scene…but more…

    This kind of writing is just so intense, and vivid, in detail, mood and atmosphere. Wonderful.

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    1. Ain, thanks so much! It was a long ramble…I had to edit it multiple times to make it tighter and still make sense. Your feedback makes all that effort worthwhile.
      Much appreciated.


  2. All the other commenters have said what I was thinking. I can only add that this is a scenario that is played out in the imaginations and the lives of far too many women who have been under the spell of a man that was not good to them or for them!

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  3. You have really captured what it is like to go back. I think we are all tempted, but also fear the result! I wonder why you get the dVerse prompt so much earlier than I do? I won’t see the email for another 18 hours.

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    1. You are spot on about the fear of result. Thanks, Sean.
      I have not subscribed to dVerse through email. Since I follow the blog, as soon as it is published, it appears in my reader. It is around 0030 hrs in India at that time. If it inspires me, I write and post before going to sleep or else respond in the morning.

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      1. I won’t call it stupidity but at times we miss the simplest things. I know I do.
        Thanks once again, Sean. Always humbled when fellow writers say that.


    1. Thanks a lot, Ingrid. ❤️ I too miss reading your take. But with all the work you have on hand, I can understand your not participating. As I always say, finding time to write is not that difficult but reading and responding require time. Why don’t you save the prompts you like, to write and share later?

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  4. I immediately warm to a woman who orders a bottle of wine before she does anything else. I’m crossing my fingers for them, but if anyone who owed me big apologies started in with calling me a barefoot goddess, I’d probably take my bottle of wine to the next table. Great poem, Punam. You’ve set a scene each will interpret in her/his own way.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Jane. This means a lot to me.
      I guess I wanted to convey men often can’t help being men…
      It is wonderful if there are various interpretations. 🙂


  5. Growing up my mother said, if you break up there is a reason and unless you fix that you shouldn’t get back together. I think some things cannot be fixed and some shouldn’t. But trying again is half hard and half courageous. I’ve been in those shoes once…never again!

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    1. We were eating out once (before covid) and a girl was sitting all alone and drinking and was quite drunk. She received a call and she started crying. It was such a strange situation. We didn’t know what to do. I think, I would have liked her to have a happy ending. ❤️


  6. Second comment. I couldn’t get your poem above out of my mind when I read the latest dVerse prompt. So, I took your idea of a past couple into the present and descent. I like the way such associations can be made.

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