we took a trip to the edge of understanding
in a bid to discover each other
and under the resplendent starry skies
tried to solve the eternal mystery

guided by the luminous moonbeams,
he was immersed in inhabiting my  heart
in the enigmatic umbra,
I was lost in the maze of his mind.

Sharing at dVerse OLN and moonwashed weekly challange.


60 thoughts on “Tripping

  1. And now I finally come and visit you, Punam! It has been too long, my dear 🙂

    This verse is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. Those beautiful first two lines and the thread of romance throughout until the end. Just love it ❤

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  2. The “edge of understanding” ….I could visualize this and the poem really speaks concisely to the differences in communication and the goal of connection.
    Welcome again to the dVerse team, Puman. 🙂

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