That heavy feeling

The grainy texture of hazy memories
evokes myriad long forgotten tastes
some ambrosial, some miasmic
some that leave me pasty faced.

suspended in the half light of living
an unnamed bird flutters haplessly
singing no song of eternal hope
yet it can’t stop whirring its wings endlessly.

tonight the moon’s forehead is lined with worries
the fragrant skies will smolder throughout the night
heaving under the haze of monochromatic thoughts
the sun’s endeavour to slight the moon may never come to light.

time fades bit by bit bleeding every second
hunger throbs voraciously in my aching bones
tears gather drop by drop in the hollow of my neck
I brace myself for the colossal shadows of unknowns.

Sharing with dVerse OLN.

21 thoughts on “That heavy feeling

  1. ” the half-light of living..” A weave of imaginative and evocative words that ends up in a place of grief that is sober reality. (I think you may mean pasty-faced? But if not, patsy-faced is a true twisty phrase that expresses a very original POV.)

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  2. Such evocative images, Punam. I particularly liked the grainy texture and the moon’s lined forehead.
    The moon should be worried. The earth is not doing well.


  3. I loved every line of this painful poem, and this was my fav. “tonight the moon’s forehead is lined with worries” Amazing are you, dear Punam. ❤️


  4. I can feel that heavy emotions in your lines. Specially love the concluding line:

    I brace myself for the colossal shadows of unknowns.


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