The first brush

He opened the book with a sharp intake of breath
from picture books he was now graduating
to the fascinating world of written words

his eyes grew large in wonderment
as the higgledy-piggledy hieroglyphics
were finally beginning to make some sense!

he dived right in, ablaze with excitement
his eyes all goggled, his young mind boggled
as the word-adventures began to unfurl!

he rolled his tongue around every groovy morsel of words
he read aloud words captivated by their sound
he mumbled the long words under his breath

the first brush with reading took him to worlds unexplored
these days he knows not his own whereabouts;
whether he is inside a book or a book inside him!

Written for Sadje’s wdys, David’s W3 and Eugi’s weekly prompt.


54 thoughts on “The first brush

  1. Your young eyes captured the poto prompt perfectly … and I adored some of gorgeous ‘wordage’
    ” the higgledy-piggledy hieroglyphics … and …
    his eyes all goggled, his young mind boggled”

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  2. His enchantment for books is like my older one; she would forever be lost in the pages. She started reading Kafka when she was 12!!

    What a befitting tale, this.
    Loved it. ❤
    Have a lovey day dear Punam.

    Liked by 3 people

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