Being sizzled

As I start hanging the laundry, I can feel the scorching sun burning my skin. By the time I hang the last piece of cloth, the first one is already dry and my hands slightly tanned. My potted plants look droopy and withered. No amount of water quenches their thirst or mine.

Scalding tap water
groans and gurgles grudgingly
bathing no relief

The only place to provide some kind of relie, through the season, are the hills. But with most city dwellers making a beeline for hill stations, they have become over crowded, noisy and water deficit. The summers of my childhood were spent outdoors, my kids beat the heat with air conditioning. 

Indulging self in
luscious, juicy summer fruits
cool vacation dreams

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Frank, says: Let’s join in the celebration of Summer! Write a haibun that alludes to this hottest of seasons.


77 thoughts on “Being sizzled

    1. Not very stifling yet, but it will be soon! Summer is beautiful in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere. Closer to the equator it is terribly hot. I thought I must write about what I experience. πŸ™‚

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  1. lol I can honestly say we’ve only had one truly warm day in more than a year … the rain keeps coming and we are growing gils and fins to adapt! 9 months now and no respite forecast 😦

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    1. We have plenty of coconut trees in the coastal regions and tender coconut water is available across the country. Thanks a lot for your recommendation, dear Selma. xoxo


  2. I was just telling my husband the other day how I grew up without air conditioning in Wisconsin. I used to sleep in the basement where it was cool! He’s from southern California, and it was a necessity. Now, we all have air conditioning. Our weather has changed so much. You capture that so well in your haibun.

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  3. ‘Being sizzled’ is something that doesn’t really happen where I live (in Scotland) but your haibun made me feel the heat. Great use of the prompt. Maybe I could keep warm by reading summer poetry…

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  4. β€œluscious, juicy summer fruits” Yes, please. My fav time of year for the most delectable fruits. Lovely write, dear Punam. ❀️ Wishing you coolness and less mugginess, my friend.

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  5. Love the haibun. Sorry for the heat, I often prefer cold to heat but I can’t judge any in the extreme weather conditions as I’m always in the mild temperature counts.

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  6. Nicely done.. all the watermelon in the world doesn’t help on those days and then my feet stick to the floor. πŸ’–πŸ˜‚. Getting air with the remodel! we barely need it but nice to have when we do.

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  7. I keep falling in love with your words over and over again, dear Punam.
    The scalding summers have been a bummer. We managed to get some cool respite in the quieter parts of the hills, thankfully.

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      1. It’s been cloudy here too by the way. So let’s see, though I wish to see the Strawberry full moon in all its glory tonight πŸŒ•πŸŒ

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