Morpheus eludes


These parched eyes do crave
the cooling dew drops of dreams
but stay sleep deprived

the night is sleepless
and the morn is still sleeping
the lone moon loiters

my eyes dodge sly sleep
I fill the space betwixt lids
with your loving thoughts

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Sarah, says: give me your sleepy poems! Your poems of rest and relaxation, of drifting off into the golden haze of slumber! Your spiky poems of lying awake while your lover snores beside you! Your forty winks on a sunny afternoon!

A set of three haiku on elusive sleep.


83 thoughts on “Morpheus eludes

  1. Your first one really captured my attention. I remember reading that we need sleep to stay alive, which is enough to give anyone insomnia. One of my best tricks for sound sleep is to get so tired that I pretty much fall unconscious as soon as I hit the bed.

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  2. I misread the middle verse and now my brain will NOT let it go, basically ruining you lovely lovely words. Anyway, I read it thus, which is an exercise in “add a vowel to completely change the meaning”:

    the night is sleepless
    and the moron is still sleeping
    the lone moon loiters

    If you ban me forever, I’ll understand.

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