The tree’s threnody

Naked and bent here I stand all alone, save
for the efflorescent rocks and the parched grass
you ruin me, making mother earth my grave
your rapacious, pillaging ways so crass
one day for my brethren’s shade you’ll crave
scorched earth and rivers will be muddy morass
unsullied skies continue celestial dance
heavenly bodies shine and meteors prance!

Written for Sadje’s what do you see and Val’s scavanger hunt (ottava rima).


47 thoughts on “The tree’s threnody

      1. Yes we are reaping what we have sowed. I hope that it’s still not too late to do anything about the extreme weather!
        You’re most welcome my dear sister

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  1. How poignant!
    Though I have absolutely no talent in writing poetry, what I see is the strong braving the storm….and I feel that at the end of the storm and the winter, spring will burst forth with newness and hope!

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    1. Whether you write poetry or not, for you the tree is a symbol of survival, for me it is the symbol of destruction. All a matter of perspective, my dear. I must have been in a negative frame of mind that I couldn’t see hope.

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