Calling Mr. Brutus

Brutus, dear Marcus Brutus, where art thou
We have present day Julius Caesar
and thy presence is acutely missed now
His ambition would sure give you seizure
He is no one’s friend, nor faithful and just
He wants to bring many a captives home
For justice his sacrifice is a must
On the face of earth he shall no more roam.

Rise, rise, wherever you are please rise
It is time to slay the tyrant tormentor
Strike firmly at his heart thrice in a trice
Rid this world of despotic dictator
Finally in peace entire world will pause
No more damage will anyone dare cause.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Ingrid, says: We are paying homage to the Bard. Use your chosen title somewhere within your poem (you can also use it as the title of the poem, if you wish).


36 thoughts on “Calling Mr. Brutus

  1. U sound like Cassius (wow I actually remember the name of the friend who convinced Brutus to rise against Caesar….Signs of what an awesome teacher you were).

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  2. The past brought forward to the present – a well proposed solution though not one that the ghostly Brutus is capable of performing… but we can sleep perchance to dream….

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