Morn of happiness/ खुशियों की सुबह


This endless night will end one day
The sun will shine fiercely one day
One day clouds will dissipate
One day someone will open the gate

These old dilapidated steps
Will reverberate with footsteps
If you summon courage to step outside
You’ll find blooms on this path wide

Sorrows will come and go forever
Don’t let go of tenuous hope ever
The morn of happiness will surely dawn
Life will joyfully gurgle, sadness begone!


रात ढलेगी तो कभी
सूरज निकलेगा तो कभी
कभी तो ये बादल छंटेंगे
कभी तो दरवाजे भी खुलेंगे।

इन जर्जर, पुरानी सीढ़ियों पे
पैरों की चाप होगी हौले-हौले
तुम बाहर निकलने की हिम्मत करो एक बार
फूल तुम्हारी राहों में होंगे बारम्बार।

ग़म तो आयेंगे जायेंगे सदा ही
उम्मीद का धागा न टूटे कभी
खुशियों की सुबह जरूर आयेगी
जिंदगी फिर से खिलखिलायेगी।

Hindi in English

Raat dhalegi to kabhi
Suraj niklega to kabhi
Kabhi to yeh baadal chhatenge
Kabhi to darwaaze bhi khulenge.

In zarzar purani seedhiyon pe
Pairon ki chaap hogi hauley-hauley
Tum bahar nikalne ki himmat karo ek baar
Phool tumhari raahon mein honge baarambar

Gham to aayenge jaayenge sada hi
Ummeed ka dhaga na toote kabhi
Khushiyon ki subah zaroor aa दोyegi
Zindagi phir se khilkhilaeygi.


65 thoughts on “Morn of happiness/ खुशियों की सुबह

      1. Oh! That’s terrible. I mean, who gives only two day vacation after THE boards? That is preposterous.

        All the very best. Study hard, take care of your health and I am sure you will come out with flying colours! 😊❤️

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  1. WOW…What a beautiful uplifting poem, full of hope and expectation. The Hindi version is probably a tad better than the English one, in my opinion. Reminded me of the lines of the song…”Wo subah kabhi to aayegi”.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know…I do that as well many times, write in Hindi and then translate into English. But my Hindi has deteriorated badly after coming to Kolkata. Being a Bong also has its inborn demerits of speaking/writing in Hindi as well. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, my dear friend, this is so lifting and encouraging. I read it twice and still felt like reading more. Quite amazing! Wonderful response to the prompt. My plaudits for your writing and style. 👏💖

    Liked by 1 person

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