Masking the truths

“A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.”
∼ William Blake

All’s well is the mask she fastidiously wears
her eyes shuttered, her ruby red smile bright
it was ingrained in her that fate holds sway
bruises bloom beneath full-sleeves
no searching eyes to see the scarred soul
her concealment raises no alarmed queries.

His self sufficiency mask seldom slips
he cannot cry for when did men ever need to cry
he is sensitive and feels fragile most of the time
but to admit it would be so sacrilegious
toxic masculinity wins this game
he hides his vulnerability night and day.

They are so adept at masking their true self
that we know nothing beyond their mask
oily, wily, cunningly vile
they invent lies at lightening speed
twisting truths and fanning rumours
the art of politics is their cloak of indestructiblity.

Intent is the mask you pompously don
it screams don’t look at those things
that you purposely don’t mention
you claim your intentions are pure
so what if the means are questionable
under the facade of righteousness
the rabble-rousing half truths you spew
masquerade heroically as the absolute truth.

The mask plastered on my face is of pleasantness
being nice to everyone every moment of the day
gets my goat really big time
but I fake a smile, exchanging mwahs
biting my tongue lest profanities slip out
my gushing tone fully disguises
my occasional ill-tempered flares.


44 thoughts on “Masking the truths

  1. ’tis requires too much effort to don the mask….I’d rather have ONLY those who are attracted to the ‘real’ me flock to me. And I would rather only go towards those who can put aside their mask when talking to me……hmmmm
    Maybe that’s why I love my work as a life/empowerment coach so much….
    Authentic genuine conversations!

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  2. I love how it starts out third person and then the middle stanza is a nice bridge to the narrator…who admits to not being so different…I think every human wears a mask at some point.

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  3. To be vulnerable is seen as dangerous lest someone take advantage – so we are masked and remove it for only those closest the heart… Unless of course you are a poet or writer – then you reveal yourself in your work and parade naked before the world…

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  4. An honest write, Punam – respect to you! So many of us wear masks for protection, but it takes a brave person to remove the mask and stand up for what they believe in! ❤️

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  5. Stunning write, dear Punam. Your use of language here is elegant, powerful, and beautiful. It is so painful to hide behind these masks that society creates and that we are socialized to asimílate to. Toxic, as you write. Resonates, my dear friend. ❤️


      1. Hi Punam. I had been a little down, trying to grapple with various things. My father was not doing too well and despite best efforts, I lost him 25 days back. Still trying to grapple with the loss. 🙏

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