Juggler by day

A recurring nightmare often
jolts me awake most nights
I am hydra-headed and being chased
by a throng of haranguing hats!

The sum of all the things I do
all the roles that I intend to play
each one vies for the top spot
which will be the chosen one of these hats!

A mother, a wife, a cook, a poet
or actually just a general dogsbody
some fit, some give me a headache
I try not to play favourite with my many hats!

I try to slip into each effortlessly
most times I falter, sometimes I don’t
I wish I were a dexterous multitasker
juggling with the multitude of hats!

What empowers me is also my vulnerability
but my vulnerability gives me strength
how I am perceived with each, is the problem
not with wearing a one too many hats!

’tis not easy to keep balancing
for I can’t pick one at the drop of a hat
I promise I am not talking through my hat
uneasy surely lies the head that dons too many hats!

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Mish, says: Maybe you have that hat, still worn today or tucked away for sentimental reasons. Maybe someone you know has donned an unforgettable hat, a memorable piece of their identity or personality. Pay homage to the hat in a poem.

Metaphorically, we’ve worn the hats!! Child. Parent. Grandparent. Career. Poet. Friend. Use one as your muse.

OR you can approach the idea of a hat to symbolize something even more abstract. Are you wearing a hat of forgiveness, reflection, self-pity, support, adventure, hope, bravery, justice, generosity?


42 thoughts on “Juggler by day

  1. Probably one of the very best I have read of yours, for the flow, rhythm, tone….but underneath that delightful verse is philosophy and empathy β€” the vulnerability… stunning thoughts.

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  2. In my younger days I could definitely identify with this! Love the image in the first stanza – being chased by hats.

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  3. When the hats are too many, give ’em away πŸ˜… Quite impossible too I guess. What a revealing poem. It’s true, too many responsibilities can sometimes weigh our abilities down. I even often wonder how women manage it.. from key parenting duties, to sometimes housework, then on to professional work, acts of kindness, some blogging/writing or chatting/calling or both… it’s an endless list. Women are simply unique and powerful because they just manage it.

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  4. “uneasy surely lies the head that dons too many hats!” Some hats you gotta let fall. Sometimes. Lest we drop from juggling too much. This is so relatable. Thanks for letting me read it. So impressed. xo


  5. Absolutely true… So intrinsically put.. I often feel so blessed for our multitasking abilities.. Loved it dear.. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‡πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ…

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  6. I love this honest take on the hats we wear, we do it so sincerely , mostly “try to slip into each effortlessly”, in imperfect human ways and perfect heart ways – an incredible task of this lifetime really. I enjoyed your poem thoroughly πŸ™‚

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