Whither democracy

A decuian

The soothsayer said, beware of March’s ides
but the tyranny of majority,
on tenth March, we saw ghastily rise
euphemistic name is democracy
false sense of pride is a priority
real issues fail test of survival
free-thinking voices  in minority
parochial views are on revival
ignoramuses swallow lies
long live despotism, democracy dies!

A tetracyts

my core
lives a hope
that will not die
I hold sunflowers close to my sore heart.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Laura, says: So in today’s challenge I offer you a choice :-

a 10 line stanza poem (more stanzas permitted of this length)
10 syllables per line
rhyme scheme as per the Decuain or free verse if you’d prefer


a 5 line stanza poem (more stanzas if you wish)
1;2;3;4;10 syllables for each successive line of the 1st; 3rd; 5th  stanza etc; inverted for even numbered stanzas.

(The results of elections in five states of India came out on the 10th of March. Sadly, rising unemployment, inflation, state’s apathy during covid were not issues at all! Religion and a false sense of national security swayed the votes.)


73 thoughts on “Whither democracy

  1. Oh, Punam, your comment about Indian election results is so relatable. Iniatives such as more stringent abortion laws, restricting school curriculum, teachers, and libraries, and banning books seem to be taking center stage. Violence, racism, poverty, crumbling infrastructure, inflation, and environmental concerns seem to be eclipsed by those wishing to inflict their morality on others and diminish democratic freedoms.

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  2. Punam it sees like as woes spiral downward, people cling to religion in ever-greater numbers. I feel we are in very dark spiritual times right now. I like how the second poem gives remedy.

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  3. Oh sweet, these are amazing pieces. Wonderful responses to the prompts.. It’s true, my dear friend.. democracy is on fierce trial, slowly dying as we watch awake. Wonderful sentiments 👏 ❤

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  4. Your verse and impeccable referencing build at just the right pace…until
    ignoramuses swallow lies
    long live despotism, democracy dies!

    Exactly right. And my hatred for those ignoramuses has no bounds….ate they deliberately ignorant? Then I hate them more. I never hate. Normally. But I despise them. Thank you for the poem and I am sorry for my angry words…

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    1. Ain, if we hold freedom dear, we should all hate such ignoramuses. They will kill democracy one day.
      I am happy my words stirred you… that’s the highest accolade I can hope for…so please don’t apologise.
      Thank you for reading and adding your voice to it.

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  5. These are amazingly crafted poems! And the sentiment is shared. It feels completely unnerving and alarming to see all that is unfolding in the world and to try and imagine where we are headed. Yet we keep hoping, believing, breathing.

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  6. Oh, Punam, I feel your worrisome emotions! We can’t let the darkness blur our hopes for a better world. A stunning piece and thank you for joining in. Bravo!

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  7. Oh my goodness, I feel for you Punam…sounds like your country is like mine…a mess. But your poetry, on the other hand, ever shines: 5-Star brilliance ❤

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  8. I couldn’t agree more with the first. I have seen many things in my lifetime, many sad ones, including senseless wars and coups and recessions and civil rights atrocities, but the most frightening thing to me is the evil of polarization and hate we now face, and the way our democracy is currently being subsumed and perverted by greed and corruption. Your second, the techtrachtys, is sad yet also beautiful.

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  9. In Abundance Humans Thrive
    Until They Live Out of Balance

    In Desert Scarcity They
    Huddle Close And


    Common Thoughts

    Until Some Strive New
    For Greener Abundance

    And The Balance of Nature
    Continues the Dance And Song

    Of Human Nature True There is
    No Escaping



    For Returning
    to Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love Giving
    Sharing Caring Healing
    Once Again More Than Taking
    Hoarding Callous Harm for A Lesser God Than Love..:)

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  10. to say I was floored to realise bigotry won the vote … but then we were equally astounded when the orange idiot got a second term! Ignoramuses never cease to astound me, when will ppl learn to think for themselves, or even think logically 😦

    Your skilful art and sentiments resonate deeply sis, and thanks for holding me close 🙂

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    1. Sadly, people will never learn, sis! Here we can lay the blame on poverty and illiteracy but what of better off nations! 😧
      Thanks so much, you are always close to my heart. ❤️🌻

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  11. I’m sorry about your elections. Well said. The same thing is happening here, and the GOP in many states have changed voting laws to ensure that they win. Democracy is dying all over the world.

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  12. i am so sorry at how elections turned out in India Punam. We will also be having our national election come May. I am hoping though this would spark the much-needed change we want.

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