Afflatus (a quadrille)

(From Pexel)

The wandering muse
is a whimsical captor
choosing randomly
willing slaves
for amusement
lavishing gifts
of ideas and words
nurturing the fledgling
giving it wings to soar
like a deft kite-flyer
controlling the flight
then suddenly
when it takes her fancy
moving on.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, De Jackson says: Muse. Musing. Amusement. Amused. Use it as a noun or verb or pen some fabulous whimsical word usage of your own.

72 thoughts on “Afflatus (a quadrille)

  1. Choosing willing random slaves……what a line, and this after wonderful lines that make reading more like gliding they are so smooth…the kite, yes, a sudden downward turn. Your poem floats, but such good notions. Loved it.

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      1. Maybe…but that doesn’t change the fact that you are an Excellent writer!!! You’re forever welcome–my great pleasure!💖


  2. I the idea of inspiration being in the hands of the muse and we’re simple their vessel makes for an interesting read. A creative thought, Punam. The muse must of wore you like a sock for this one.

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  3. Ah, I like how you captured the ungraspable nature of inspiration. It’s an idea, a notion, and we might get the general idea, but sometimes we’re not armed with the right tools to grasp it.

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