Sometimes an idea flits across
like a butterfly
in my hurry to capture it
I end up damaging its ethereal wings

sometimes in the middle of a chore
the ubiquitous bulb lights up
I drop everything
as I grab my phone

sometimes during my walk
I hear a susurration,
a slight whisper
I chant it feverishly
afraid to lose it

sometimes a tune is
like an earworm
playing on and on
till I release it
on a clean sheet of paper

sometimes worry furrows my forehead
at such a time
writing is the balm
that can smoothen my brow

sometimes words gush out of my pen
as if a floodgate has been breached
refusing to be contained

sometimes I have to use
all my persuasive powers to plead
with the elusive expression
which wallows in wilderness

sometimes a thought
hits like a sledgehammer
leaving me dazed
with its forcefulness

sometimes a spoken word, a written phrase
triggers a barrage of outpouring
difficult to stem

sometimes injustice does not let me sleep
till bloodshot eyes have wept
crimson words of regret

sometimes blood and gore
leave me shaking and shivering
and the shaky handwriting
steadies my wobbly world

sometimes seething white hot anger
shapes each word with precision
picking correct expressions just so

sometimes a gurgle
of innocent laughter or a genuine smile
brightens my day
and it is there for all to see

sometimes a forgotten memory
nudges the fingers
to reclaim its place
to be recorded for posterity

sometimes a conversation
sparks creativity
which is so original
yet mundane

sometimes sitting still
in a pocket of peace
an idea takes birth
that has to be celebrated

sometimes a night of passion
seeps a bit into the open
despite my inept effort
to keep it under wraps

sometimes what could be
fills me with wistful longing
daydreaming that distant dream

oh well! each baby is different
and decides to be born in her own way!

Reworked an old poem for dVerse OLN.

70 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. It really is a wonderful poem. I kept choosing stanzas to highlight but there were too many of them. I’d have to quote the entire poem. It rings true to me as a fellow writer, right up to its skillful summation.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Most welcome❤
        I am doing good, what about you?
        Yes, a bit busy with studies and just in general. Got a bit out of touch with writing, but I am hopefully back at it😅😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry to be so late. It’s the time of year for chaos! This is so relatable for me–I have experienced so much of what you put in it.Our minds have a music that comes and goes, and sometimes begs to be passed on like this. Such a pleasure to read.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh this is so amazing beautiful – I began reading nodding in agreement and then continued completely immersed and engaged in your beautiful compilation and composition of so many Sometimes -s


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