Things that weigh me down (OctPoWriMo)

Day 24

Prompt: Millstone

Form: Monorhyme

Expectations, others as well as mine
put a spanner in my flight
fears, rational or irrational
grip me and relentlessly bite
dichotomy between reality and perception
of all my efforts makes light
obsession with an orderly house
keeps me forever tense and uptight
guilt and remorse nibble at my soul
never letting it soar like a kite
failed relationships bother me
frustrated, I every now and then gripe
grief engulfs me all of a sudden
leaving me feeling heavy; chest tight
negativity all around swallows me
my heart withers caught in the blight
failure’s shadow looms large occasionally
making me with remembered ignominy writhe
lack of empathy and compassion everywhere
I keep wondering about this world’s plight
weighed down by all this, it is no wonder
I don’t see at the end of tunnel any light.

31 thoughts on “Things that weigh me down (OctPoWriMo)

  1. Interesting write. It starts off feeling a little “light” but by the end the emotions feel much “heavier” like the narrator is really feeling the weight of the dichotomy.

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  2. Yeah exactly the things that weigh us down, literally so heavy to carry around and walk with. And then doubting our own experience of it – dichotomy between reality and perception – I love how you said this, actually said it all, feels so real at one point of life or another we have all lived with.

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