59 thoughts on “Raindrops (OctPoWriMo)

  1. beautiful drops of rain – I hope and wish for all those who have forgotten to enjoy the petrichor, the exuberance of getting wet and then enjoying it completely, and the ability to enjoy the moment when you get all muddy due to it too……
    Irrespective of what meeting one may have to go to or what urgent work awaits, there is ALWAYS a way to laugh in such moments.
    I hope ALL of us would give ourselves the permission to laugh and live this moment….every moment!

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  2. Wow, Punam! Fantastic concrete poem. ❀ I know it was quite a task. I did a simple pumpkin-shaped poem, and it was quite challenging.

    Your poem is very relatable since our rainy season corresponds roughly with yours. I am starting to water the potted plants again but not the grass or palm tree yet! ❀

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    1. Oh! I didn’t know that our rainy seasons occur around the same time!
      Concrete poems are definitely not easy, especially on WordPress! Pumpkin must have been quite difficult! Thanks so much, Cheryl. ❀️

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  3. Wonderful! That first stanza is perfection. I’ve all but given up on concrete and shape poems because they are near impossible to put on WP unless you do what you did and make them jpg files!

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  4. It’s just not possible of me to ever tire of reading you, Punam. This is such a wonderfully creative piece; and, that you crafted raindrops out of the poem is, well, sublime. Wonderful poem, my friend. ❀️

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  5. Just when I thought you couldn’t get more creative! I’ve never seen anything like this- simply GENIUS! I love how the attitude towards rain shifts in every stanza, expressing exuberance in the first and disinterest in the last. Brilliancy cannot reach greater heights, Mam!

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