To my readers

(From Pexel)

All humans desire fame
I too want to make my name
frenetically I write verses everyday
to become famous one fine day
finally I have found an audience
who do not consider me a nuisance
who applaud each verse I post
to every poem they raise a toast
they effusively praise and warmly support
don’t ever stop writing, they exhort
magnanimously they overlook grammatical errors
the wrong syntax and occasional spelling terrors
benevolently attributing it to auto check
they allow my mistakes to flourish unchecked
let me extend heartfelt thanks to one and all
who very kindly and patiently read and don’t bawl
Very sweetly they have bitten their tongue or stubbed their finger
never do they on my shallow thoughts linger
now ain’t that the mark of great hallowed saints!
I bow my head in reverence to this practice quaint
mutual respect is the name of the game
and we have all excelled at it for a few minutes’ fame
let publishers turn down my work at will
they know not what gives me thrills
I am an uncut gem they cannot recognise
only if like my readers they were wise
to be published and famous is the ultimate goal
I will self publish, I sure can play that role!

Written for dVerse. Today’s host Sanaa says: let’s have fun while writing a Panegyric poem. It doesn’t necessarily have to be very long. For purposes of the prompt as well as everybody’s ease, I am leaving the length up to the discretion of the Poet.

The theme can be anything, as it’s a poem of “effusive praise,” go ahead and explore where the idea takes you. Feel free to write about nature or perhaps a favorite author, artist or poet. The possibilities are endless.

(I took inspiration from Dryden’s Mac Flecknoe and Henry Carey’s Namby Pamby which are satirical.)


77 thoughts on “To my readers

  1. This is gorgeously, gorgeously composed Punam! Woww! I love the cadence and flawless use of rhyme especially; “I am an uncut gem they cannot recognise only if like my readers they were wise to be published and famous is the ultimate goal I will self publish, I sure can play that role!” You certainly are and will! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. 💝💝

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    1. I am not going to be famous, sis! After ten years too you will find me here responding to various prompts. 😄
      I admit some of my verses maybe good but I have to write exceptionally well if I want to think of publishing. Till then, sis, you will have to bear with my presence here. 🙂
      Thanks ever so much. ❤️

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      1. guess that’s why I’ve stuck with Spillwords, they really don’t mind that we’ve posted it on our blog … I’ve even given d’Verse credit for the prompt and they printed that!

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      2. agreed, I’ve not had a comment and I’m sure we just up their traffic numbers … I try to read a new one each time I visit but others just seem to visit their mate and vanish …

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  2. Mutual respect and tenacity when writing and do keep on writing. There is a thrill in reading poems and responding to comments. Its a mutally beneficial relationship. Keep on writing and doing what you love best.

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    1. Tracy, so glad you enjoyed it! I do tend to gobble up articles here and there under the garb of poetic licence. 😂
      Thank you so very much. Know that you are partly instrumental in my return. ❤️

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  3. Loved it, loved it. Such a beautiful combination of gratefulness for what you have in your readers and self-motivation.
    AND I cannot wait for you to actually take that step and publish!

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  4. You sure can self-publish and take that role! 😉 Another beautiful poem. Thanks to YOU for treating us with a new poem each day. May you succeed in this odyssey! So heartfelt and exquisite. Three cheers for you! 🥳

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  5. This is such wonderful sentiment and feels very true, and weaved in such beautiful rhymes. To find error in your poem would be unimaginable to me, as I simply swim in the beauty of the flow you bring with each of your poetry. I would be thrilled to see your published work!

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  6. Lovely poem, and so true 💙..I self published a few years back but would do things differently now. Avoid the big companies if you can…Keep your dream alive 💙🌻🌼

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  7. I would self-publish even if some other publisher proposed to publish my work. Other than the occasional anthology, my footloose and fancy-free (ok, my addled by ADHD) brain is not prone to playing well with others and living by their deadlines. One nice thing about having to go on disability was not having to be a slave to a time clock.
    BTW, I was wondering if you might know what was happening with Morgan, who always did the OctPoWriMo prompts. Since you were also a frequent participant with OctPoWriMo, I thought I’d ask. I’m Ornery Owl on this blog hop list.

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    1. Hi! I don’t know how Morgan is doing. She did post a preview on 25th September and then….silence. From 3rd onwards Michele has been posting the prompts. But very few participants this time round.

      As far as self publishing is concerned, I may think of it when I feel I have a fine collection of poems.


  8. Wow! That was so relatable.The way you make emotions flow into your writing is just so great. You are a truly a gifted writer.I love reading your poems.They never fail to impress me! Keep writing❤

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