Fantastical journey (OctPoWriMo)

Day 2

Prompt: Explore

Form: Decastich (a poem in ten lines)

Perfunctory air-kisses under the watchful eyes of curious kids
Our awkward hugs were always at the doorway
Craning over the overstuffed portmanteaus and backpacks
Though inside I was coming all undone!
Your wanderlust making you restless
These past two years with the world going topsy-turvy
Your heart longing for the deep secrets of sea
We embarked on a fantastical journey
Our contraption, in all its splendour, ready to take off with clangs and bangs
Hey world! Here we come!

(I will be posting a poem or maybe two everyday this entire month. I look forward to your support and encouragement, at the same time I understand that reading every blog is not possible! Drop in whenever you can.)

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