Whither inner calm! (Espinela)

(From Pexel)

Is existence a bluff figment,
an illusionary vision?
Stillness a quietus pigment
Making all frayed fringes glisten.

Tranquillity has no remnant
The vast swathes of cacophony
(No harmony, no symphony)
Envelope in clamourous waves
All cryptic nuances escape
Blame the inner disharmony!

This is an Espinela, inspired by The Mouse.


35 thoughts on “Whither inner calm! (Espinela)

  1. You are so clever at doing all these prompts Punam, and weaving them into one poem and always, they are so meaningful.

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  2. the queen of prompts is back, hail your majesty! That’s a dramatic artwork

    Interesting to find ‘mouse’, I’ve never spotted her on WP or Vals before … and seems she had an interest in poetry forms well before I discovered my passion 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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