A lyrical love story

(From Pexel)

The first time I ever saw your face
Getting off the morning train
My hear went boom boom pow!
I may not have been a pretty flamingo
You too were no puppet on a string!
I remember that Monday
Monday when you told my mom
Mrs. Brown you’ ve got a lovely daughter
Honestly that was somethin’ stupid to do
But we were addicted to love
And against all odds just beat it
All I can say we are as happy as we can be.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host Lillian says: For today’s prompt I’d like you to go to the website https://mybirthdayhits.com and plug in your birthday. There’s a spot in the upper right-hand corner of the site for you to enter your birthdate. Have fun scrolling down the years, seeing what the #1 tune was on each of your birthdays. Pick at least one of the song titles that hit the charts at #1 on your birthday – one that resonates with you – and use it in its exact wording within your poem. Of course you’re free to choose more than 1 title and see where the muse takes you on putting them into one poem! Be sure to give credit to the song titles and the artist at the end of your post – and, if you’d like, share your birthdate with us too! Take a moment and listen to the songs as well! Have fun with this one, grooving down memory lane.

Songs in the verse:

The first time ever…. Roberta Flack

Morning Train… Sheena Easton

Boom boom pow…The Black Eyed Peas

Pretty Flamingo..Manfred Mann

Puppet on a string…Sandie Shaw

Monday Monday…Mamas and Papas

Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter…. Herman’s Hermits

Somethin’ stupid… Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Addicted to love…Robert Palmer

Against all odds…Phil Collins

Beat it …. Michael Jackson

Happy…. Pharrell Williams


53 thoughts on “A lyrical love story

      1. That is quite long.

        It is almost five months since we recovered but his neurological problems continue. His sinuses were badly affected.

        We don’t know the long term consequences yet.

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