Day after day

(From Pexel)

Tired of the congeries of compromise
night pauses haltingly
to collapse within itself
the miracle of solitude
no longer thrills her
sceptic memories lie frozen
in the limbo between shadows and reality
gathering its tattered skirt
lined with despair
she makes way for another day
fresh faced, happy draped in an amber glow
he arrives on the wings of a birdsong
but the rigmarole of humdrum routine
leaves grey smudges under his eyes
needless to say he
realises too late he is just
like a suggestion of the previous day.


56 thoughts on “Day after day

  1. I wonder what it takes to realize that ‘he arrives on the wings of a birdsong’ and to consciously push ‘the rigmarole of humdrum routine’ away.
    I wonder what else he needs to do to not be ‘a suggestion of the previous day’.
    I wonder what trigger is required to break this routine of drudgery.

    And the answer that comes to me is simple, and yet so tough for each one of us to practice – genuine gratitude! The ability to enjoy the things we DO have!

    Thank you for sharing this – I needed this reminder today!

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    1. Gratitude seems so easy but is so difficult to practice, especially when things are not how you would like them to be.
      Thank you, Shiwani, for showing that it is simple things that change our perspective.


  2. love the phrase sceptic memories, do we really recall what happened or what we felt happened, intriguing lines culminate with a stunning finale, he is just a “suggestion”, now that’s a resounding end. there is no limit to your brilliant mind and poetry Punam, love this so much.

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