Are we two

It surely does make

everyone’s head spin

same without

but what of within?

if I were you

and you were me

would life be the same

or a surreality?

we are different

we can’t be alike

we have our own minds

we are quite unlike.

mirror images

we may seem

each other’s shadow

we can’t be!

two bodies with

one heart beating

two minds never

as one, thinking.

Yet what binds us together

is our unique identity

I would ne’er wannabe

your exact carbon copy.

I am not much enamoured

of the idea of being you

I would rather be me

and have you as you.

51 thoughts on “Are we two

  1. Eloquently expressed and meaningful, Punam! If we lose ourselves in a relationship, we have nothing left to give. ❀ Relationships are a combination of the ways in which we are alike and the ways in which we are different. The shared aspects allow us to work together and understand each other. The differences create intrigue and contribute to mutual personal growth.

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  2. Beautiful and nicely penned. It is important to see and know our own self and not lose this in the connection with others. We really can have both connection and individualityβ™₯️.

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  3. In love we may want to be like the person we love, but that person loves us for what we are! So, we better be what we are!

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