La life sans frivolity

There they sat, on a high pedestal
considered an epitome of good virtues
Gandhi’s three monkeys they were fondly called
gifted inanely to all as preferred statues!

Tired of being good and shunning evil
one fine day they decided to go away
hatched an impudent plan so audacious
all by themselves they flew to the US of A!

City of Las Vegas their chosen destination
they wanted to make the most of their trip
the idea of casino hopping filled them with glee
suited and booted they went to the strip!

As they sat excitedly on the blackjack table
their eyes widened at the opulence around
the amount of money exchanging hands there
pleonexia running rampant totally unbound!

Uncomfortable with the vices that had a free run
all around them corruption was rife
quickly they covered their eyes, ears and mouth
see, hear, speak no evil was a better mantra for life!


52 thoughts on “La life sans frivolity

  1. What a brilliant explanation story Punam!!!
    I love the three monkeys, I know they come with the explanatory mantra:
    β€œsee, hear, speak no evil” but its funny when looking at them, like at your picture at the top it always make me feel like they actually are a statement on the inevitability of β€œevil” (for lack of a better word) my interpretation is that this is the same (naive) monkey🐡 going through chronological reaction to his discovery of evil in the world; at first he refuses to look at πŸ™ˆthe horror of what is happening in front of his eyes, but what he can hear is untenable, so he covers his ears,πŸ™‰ and the shock of what he then sees is causing him to swear or use offensive language, realising what he just did he then covers his mouth…πŸ™Š
    Actually, your beautiful story is inspiring me to write one on the subject…
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring work Punam, I always find something interesting in your writes!πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™

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