End of Summer Scavenger Hunt (4)

Val of A Different Perspective is running the End of Summer Scavenger Hunt, where we have to write 13 poems in August in the prescribed form on the given topics.

Here is the next poem. I have already posted micropoems and a tritina.

8. Pentina on War

In the fading light of the sultry day
as dusk descends replacing the sun
muddied and injured he lies alone
on the battlefront in a deep trench
the booming guns finally quiet for the night.

She lies awake, staring at the ceiling all night
life is intolerable despite the busyness of the day
her heart lies with him in the trench
she waits anxiously for the descent of the sun
and wonders for how long she will be alone.

The torture and pain of being alone
he understands too well in the quiet of the night
the pandemonium that breaks out at the rise of the sun
bullets flying past,either way, the entire day
how long could he spend his days in a trench!

She shudders at the thought of him lying bloodied in the trench
in pain, in need of aid yet all alone
waiting anxiously for some reassuring  news every day
glued to the static of the radio every night
sending prayers to every god under the sun.

No war has ever resolved any conflict under the sun
so many lives lost uselessly in the trenches
hundreds dying under the cover of the night
battered, bloodied, bullied lying all alone
as insincere homage pours in from the leaders of the day.

May there be no single day under the sun
when a soldier lies alone in a trench bleeding all night!

49 thoughts on “End of Summer Scavenger Hunt (4)

  1. ouch, well done on the pentina, and your graphic description on the uselessness of war …. they are only for profit by selling the weapons of mass destruction! The physical and mental injuries are callitoral damage, the nightmares never subside … those gun runners will get the karma of all the harm they have done 😦

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  2. I like how you told this from the two perspectives: the soldier and the loved one left behind. War is always a tragedy and the sooner we leave it behind, the better ❤️

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  3. You are very right, Tracy, I have. I went back to it because the topic given for the challenge was war and I always feel, wars affect entire families, especially the wives.
    Thanks so much.


  4. Just managed to get on line and this one is stunning in strength and power! You really used the form to great advantage in getting your point across. Brava! (a standing ovation)

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