No entry

this fortress has no drawbridge
I see no way that I can breach
the tall unwelcoming walls
I have knocked umpteen times
I get no reply
I can feel the foreboding vibes
a coldness that makes me shiver
as my overtures are repelled

never seen an occupant
yet it’s stark emptiness calls me compellingly
on the nights of the silent moon
darkened winds draw me in
my curiosity birthed of haunting
I have a habit of homing into hearts
I will keep trying to make this devastated heart a home.

Written for dVerse Poetics: outside looking in

46 thoughts on “No entry

  1. Amazing capture of what a friend of mine used to tell me about me and the walls I had built around me…
    And what a boon people like you are those who are unable to let down their walls easily.
    Once you weave in your way through, those with walls understand how beautiful it is to let the sun in!
    Thank you so much for being that person πŸ™‚

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  2. So beautiful and stunning, Punam. The final few lines made me tear up a bitβ€”every home could use some love from within. That’s what makes it home and I find it beautiful how you convey it here with a certain tenderness and mystery. Climbing those walls is never easy, but if let in, Shiwani is rightβ€”it’s beautiful when you can trust in the right heart and person. I resonate with that myself and as well in this piece. β€οΈπŸ’•

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