My eyes are arid these days
tears don’t stream down
as was their wont
the searing pain
scorched them
leaving behind
parchment dryness
my paper cut eyes
bloodshot and dead
stare unseeingly
the residual salt
on my lips tastes of
the wreckage called life.

So, I dip a tentative toe in the dVerse stream.

Written for dVerse quadrille prompt: stream.


86 thoughts on “Pain

  1. “my paper cut eyes
    bloodshot and dead
    stare unseeingly
    the residual salt…”

    Oh my word, I feel this. It’s like when you cry all those tears out, there’s nothing left to cry–your eyes are dried out, red, and puffy. I freakin’ feel this. But, I feel like this describes when those tears are obstructed, and not being able to cry leads to different ramifications emotionally. It is a vulnerable action and it helps relieve us of certain stress; being unable to do that would seem tiring and taxing.

    “So, I dip a tentative toe in the dVerse stream.”

    Punam, Punam, Punam, this is excellent. I really love how you wrote this quadrille and it is evocative as well. I swear, I thought I’ve seen you around on dVerse but I may be confusing that since I do read a lot of posts on here. Either way, your work is brilliant and I hope to see you more often at the dVerse pub. πŸ˜€ Fascinating work.

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    1. Lucy, you have really felt what I was going through! That is exactly what I was trying to convey.
      Can’t tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed it and yes, this is my first time at dVerse pub. I sure do intend to be there more often.
      Heartfelt thanks. ❀️❀️

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  2. Punam, this is such a visceral, deeply felt piece! I’m so happy you’ve joined us at dVerse, and hope you will continue to share your work. Writing brings healing, even in the most “paper cut” moments. (The thought of those paper cut eyes is going to stick with me! I have never thought of it that way.) Wonderful.

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  3. Welcome to dVerse, Punam. The water is just fine. Your poem speaks of such raw emotions of grief, sorrow, resignation, fatigue. Oh how I pray your scorched eyes find healing balm, my friend.

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