It’s been longer than intended

Hello everyone.

It has been more than three months since I have written anything. These past couple of weeks every time I tried to write something, I either drew a blank or wrote something very soppy and sentimental.

So I will try to keep it dispassionate and factual and start from where I stopped. On 25th Feb night we had to rush our 13 yrs old son to emergency as he had fainted and became unresponsive. We were told he had had a severe episode of Diabetic Ketoacidosis. We did not know what it meant. It was explained to us that it meant the onset of Type 1 diabetes in my son. You can imagine our shock and disbelief as we don’t have any diabetic on both sides of our family.

(Ironically, though India is known as the diabetes capital of the world (as it has a large number of Type 2 diabetics), we hardly know much about Type 1.)

I will not rail against the unfairness of my situation here but let me say no child should face this affliction. When I embraced motherhood after a long struggle against my own body, I surely didn’t sign up for this. But then, this is life.

Thus I gave up syllable counting for carb counting. I will not bore you with my and my family’s struggles. Our grief is our own to deal with and process. I would have written earlier to apprise you all and thank you all for your love, best wishes and prayers but then Covid struck. All four of us were down. Mercifully, the kids were asymptomatic and hubby and I did not need hospitalisation. But the situation in our country was grim and continues to be bad. The virus raged indiscriminately and there was no dignity in death. So many lives were lost because we were not prepared. The larger grief of my countrymen put mine own in perspective.

I thank you all once again for leaving kind words, for visiting my blog again and again, for mailing to me. You all are my support system and I hope you will continue to be there for me.

I am keeping the comments closed as I know I won’t be able to reply to all. I will start visiting your blogs too, as soon as possible. I may not leave comments but will surely catch up as much as I can.

I have no verse to share today as I haven’t written any poem these past few months. I share the one written earlier about my son.

My son

His giggles are infectious

His guffaws, genuine and guileless

Two years short of teenage

Unabashedly romps around in nakedness

Lacking in social finesse

Abounds in curiosity and inquisitiveness

Scattered interest in everything

He astounds with his advanced inventiveness

Voracious but selective reader

Getting scolded for apparent inattentiveness

Squirrels away nuggets of information

But ridiculed by peers for cleverness

My son, my pride

Fills me with eternal gratefulness.