Stalker stalked

Reblogging an old post for Kate’s Friday fun – diet.


The brownie in the plate winked at me

I glared at it and made towards the boiled veggies

but the brownie wouldn’t leave me alone

it jumped on my friend’s plate and grinned at me

I turned away and made my way to the water cooler

the brownie was there already laughing at me

unable to resist it any longer

I decided to chuck my boring diet

as I made to the plate of brownies

I saw the last one being taken away by my secretary

I followed him hoping to get a bite

surreptitiously trying to swipe it away

but my covert operations fell flat

when with a chuckle the brownie disappeared in his mouth!

This is in response to Ray’s stalking challenge. You can read the rules here.

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42 thoughts on “Stalker stalked

      1. you know that always seems strongly evident when we’ve had fun or it just rolled off naturally …
        so glad I’m not a tasty treat
        I’d have to beat a hasty retreat!

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  1. A word and kitchen writer is what you are with this delectable tribute to craving! How many times have I too looked at a brownie with hearts in my eyes only to be betrayed? Yet perhaps it is less of a betrayal and more of a saving! πŸ™‚

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