Suspended time

The image, forever frozen in time
is imprinted indelibly on my mind
the city of love that denied me love
returns to haunt me every then and now

holding that moment in my palms
I watch time unfurl its whorls inexorably
the piercing tendrils touch my face not so gently
my memories are followed by a trail of sighs

my past colouring the present
future remains a slate so blank
the static of my soul presses pause
I suspend the hourglass and the tick-tock freezes

days and nights lose their meaning
I refuse to acknowledge their acceptability
the sun, the moon and the stars are but
unwanted intruders in the entr’acte of my life

I choose to live in this suspension
till I find words
to leave my mark and stain the moments.

What do you see # 69 -February 15 2021

Components of time


63 thoughts on “Suspended time

    1. Andrew, that’s high praise! Thanks so much, my dear.

      I loved your beautiful, poignant poem ‘Rain on my window’ on YouTube. I have never publicly commented there earlier, so refrained from doing do. Just wanted you to know I loved it. ❤️

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  1. I agree with Kate. Beautiful example of mastery over words Punam. The emotions and the flow of this poem are so affecting. Thanks for joining in with this wonderful poem.

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  2. I love the idea of words staining moments to leave a mark. I always saw them as capturing moments.

    Also, the audacity of redefining life disconnected from the Sun and Moon can come only from a writer.

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  3. Ah this is grand…. the first two stanzas I love the most… ah, Paris, yes! that city of love which is so unforgiving in some ways… it’s the ultimate paradox. 🌸🌹🙏

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  4. When I remember Paris, I remember walking around near the Louvre at night and being shocked that policemen were carrying machine guns up and down the street. That seemed like a hard edge to me. I was in Pairs with my husband, and we enjoyed sightseeing, but I can see how it could be a cold and lonely place.

    The contrast between the beauty and glamour of the City of Love and the anguish of the speaker makes this a powerful and moving poem. ❤ Have a great day, Punam!

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  5. Punam not sure what happened in Paris, and I don’t like to say from pain comes beauty, but this lovely poem exists now because of it. Wishing you Love that warms those frozen places ❤

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