The first hint of a romance

Your unwavering gaze on me

leaves me flustered and unnerved

I drop the book and stop mid-guffaw

and though I am not the blushing kind

I feel heat travelling up my neck

confused and tongue-tied, I look away

but a sidelong glance finds

you are still looking my way

a half smile hovering in the vicinity of your lips

a dark lock of hair across your twinkling eyes

eyes that echo my feelings

and I swear my heart somersaults

for it is not a fantasy but for real

it seems I am in luck

as the passion seems to be lit both ways

you say something to others nonchalantly

but the roar in my ears is loud and drowns your voice

I breathe in shallow bursts

feeling chilly and hot by turns

none of our friends notice anything

with trembling fingers I gather my books

hugging them to my errant heart

I want to linger but quietly slink off

before my eyes can give my heart away.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance🌹 – February 11, 2021


52 thoughts on “The first hint of a romance

  1. Wow, I could feel the fluttering of butterflies stirring in my stomach and my heart flip-flopping in response to your beautiful poem of love Punam my dear! πŸ€— πŸ’— 😊❀️🌹


  2. This is so beautiful, sensual and romantic. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in it.
    Thank you so much for submitting this for the Symphony. Xoxox
    The march edition of the symphony comes out tomorrow, and I’ll be featuring this in a somewhat unique way.


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