I had been persistently warned

playing with fire was no fun

but I still swallowed the sun

my words now leave lacerations

my touch third degree burns

my lone tear like molten lava runs

leaving putrid diamonds all along

the sputtering that goes on inside me

can dwarf the fire of all the galaxies

my eyelids bear the weight of glowing charcoal

drooping and wide open at the same time

restlessness like temperature climbs

I believe I swallowed the mercury along with the sun

which now runs through my ice cold veins

my fingertips emanating flames

the planetary triangle of tangled moon, mercury and sun

entwined forever in my palm

I play with blisters without any qualm

maybe this is the truth of today

maybe it was all a mistake

maybe the golden orb is a flake.

Friday Fun – solar

41 thoughts on “Sunflake

  1. ooh my favourite style … you sure can singe with your blistery words … well done and ever so accurate!

    You are the moon the sun and the stars, go for it logophile goddess πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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