Proud and unbending; that is me
and see how you are soaring with my support
I had been very clear from the beginning
you don’t have to be rich to be my girl
you don’t have to be cool to rule my world
but you have to be malleable to my way of thinking
had I been an emotional cesspool like you
we both would have wallowed in nothingness
It has taken me years to mould you
to change your internal wiring
and erase your history of pliancy
I don’t care if I sound immodest
that I pulled you back from the brink
of being an average, anonymous person
if you are admired today and eulogized
it is because appearances matter
they see just the surface; tranquil and beautiful
they can’t see the turbidity beneath
let’s not go there and let’s not talk of
bruised self respect and things inconsequential
I brook no opposition of any kind
I take rightful pride in what I have made of you…
a glorious reflection of me.

What do you see # 68 – February 8 2021


66 thoughts on “Me

  1. Oh wow, fantastic. No lack of self pride here at all. But honestly, some people are like that and they do change lives of their loved ones beyond recognition. Thanks Punam for joining in.

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  2. A modern ‘Pygmalion’ – or “My Fair Lady” or even “Kiss Me Kate” and ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ all in one modern piece.

    One man should not be able to take the credit for any change that a woman is able to make.
    I find it rather depressing that a Man can suggest his ‘woman’ alter herself – especially physically in order to be his best eye candy. Maybe I’ve gone in the wrong direction in my interpretation?
    Seems to me the Woman’s support was all pomp just for the man who created her.
    “I take rightful pride in what I have made of you…
    a glorious reflection of me.”

    So many women are ‘in the background’ – It is however good to see more women recognized for being and taking positive control. Even though the roles could be reversed it is more often that we see Men altering Women.

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    1. No one, for that matter, should try to change anyone! I agree Jules, it is very depressing when a man suggest that a woman should change herself for them. Sadly there are still such men. I just wanted to highlight that toxicity still exists despite our tall claims of gender equality.
      Things are changing but very slowly.

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