Unpalatable truth/ palatable lie

Nostalgia blurs the rough edges
bringing into sharp focus
only the pleasurable moments
making past a perfect browsing ground.

Avoiding a jab of reality
living in soft focus
often makes present palatable
in the present times.

Closing our eyes
masking our true selves
not living by our own rules
will our future be a photoshopped life!


What do you see # 66 – January 25 2021

52 thoughts on “Unpalatable truth/ palatable lie

  1. So insightful about why people are lured to dwell in the past. I really hope all of the tang of life isn’t drained away by “the machine” which extracts so much from us already.

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  2. WOW, what a powerful final line!! I’m also pondering how the mind “blurs” reality, whether past or present–it feels almost like an artist’s hand (possibly divine). I can see the brush strokes being applied softly on scenes that are simply too much to bear.

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  3. Beautifully-written reflective poem. ❤ Are we deceiving ourselves? "What's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget." "Memories" sung by Barbara Streisand.

    People my age write a lot about the past. I write all the beautiful memories I want to leave for my children. I sometimes discuss the problems and hard times with my children, but don't often write about those negative aspects.

    Have a great day, Punam! ❤

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    1. Cheryl, I think that is a coping mechanism we humans are blessed with! It helps us to move forward. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for sharing your thoughts.❤️
      Stay blessed, my friend. 🙏🏼

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  4. Punam you have hit on the glitch in the human memory system! We are wired to forget the details of the past or at least view them through a filter that smooths out the sharp points. It is the same with our brains and pain. We remember the circumstances of pain, the fear of pain, even the people and places where we experienced pain BUT we cannot recall the exact feeling of pain. This is what makes childbirth repeatable. This is why injured athletes recover and compete again and how wounded soldiers return to the battle field….

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