I sit still

your angry words wash over me

I shiver with chills.

Words that drip from my fingers unbidden

refuse to slide down my tongue

I choke on them.

Always retreating mutely

never comfortable with arguments

silence my retort.

Tears traumatized by your temper

find a realise at night

my sodden pillow holds many secrets.

Anything can spark

accusations, finger pointing

flogging dead horses.

Painfully pedantic

you fly off the cuff easily

wreaking vendetta at the unsuspecting me.

Emptying your bowels of vitriol

calmness descends on you

I am left seething.

This casts long shadows

on the love we share

chinks begin to appear.

I know I am not the problem

your past causes insecurities

yet your diatribe hurts.

But “we” is more precious than you or me

so I start (with great difficulty)

a fight back.

Staying quiet no longer an option

communication holds the key

dawning of newer milestones.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Dawning – January 21, 2021

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: The other side

Another poem was published in the Visual Verse. You can read it here.

68 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. There is so much here, Reena. I am reminded of my father – he was so quick to anger, so full of turmoil. The ability to look beyond the personal is a gift not many can accomplish.

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  2. Punam this is the key – to become we from you and me there has to be an effective open communication AND a willingness to meet in the middle with respect. This poem lays bare the issue when there are unspoken words and words unleashed in anger…. Great poem.

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  3. Phew, that is powerful, Punam. I just love the imagery you create that takes the reader from a state of withdrawal to standing engagement, and future possibilities that live in between. Lovely.

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  4. I loved this poem as well the one published in Visual Verse, I loved the whole concept of it, especially the concluding line which says, ” Stealing the Sun’s seventh horse. ” Congrats, Ma’am! 🙂

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