Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” – Albert Schweitzer

I cannot reiterate enough how many times last year blogger friends helped me directly or indirectly, through their comments or posts to face the uncertainties of last year.The blogging community helped me stay sane in these insane times. Anyone who takes time to visit my site, read my poems has my utmost gratitude. I usually try to write a gratitude post once a year but this year it is also going to be an appreciation and acknowledgement post inspired by VJ”s weekly challenge.

VJ, thank you for this challenge and I wish you good health and best of luck with your memoirs.

I would like to especially thank the following for having my back, encouraging me, empathising with me and just being there. (I am going in alphabetical order)

To Bojana…. Let me confess, I am in awe of your talent. Our writing styles are very different but we feel the same way about a lot of things. You have been instrumental in some of my works getting published by always sharing details of various publishing journals. I am indebted for it. I wish you good health and hope to see your book published soon.

To Debika…You are such a pure soul and your support from almost the very beginning has meant a lot. I cherish our friendship. I wish you happiness and I do hope no one hurts you with their insensitivity.

To Gabriela… I am amazed at how you find time to stay in touch with all your followers, leaving amazing comments, get published, write gorgeous posts and teach! Your comments always mean a lot. I wish you good health and I do hope to see your novel published this year.

To Kate…Know that your perceptive presence as well as your rock solid support in my life is much appreciated, sis. I value your push towards getting my poems published. In fact I admire your unstinting support to so many bloggers! I wish you are able to sell your little house soon and that you continue to shine your light on others.

To Tracy… I would like you to know comment-chats with you are always treasured. I so love your mosaics and find nothing untidy about your mind. Your writing is very cogent. I wish this year and all the coming years are good, health and anxiety wise. I do hope you write more poetry this year.

It would not be right if I don’t mention some other bloggers I admire and am grateful to.

Thank you, Irma, for being who you are. I so value your integrity and commitment to causes that mean so much to me too. Your verses always resonate.

Thank you Sadje for always finding time to read and comment. Know that I am so grateful for your appreciation.

Thank you Victoria Ray, Heather, Megha Sood, Matt for being there from almost the beginning. You all are very special. Heather your appreciation is held in high regard.

Thank you David R for your encouragement when I needed it the most and your continued visits.

Thanks a lot Chuck for your reblogs.

Thank you, Jim. I started writing multi prompt poetry inspired by your posts.

Thank you Ivor, Li, Paul C and Paul S, Shantanu, Sakshi, Miriam, Nina, Nadine, Eugenia, Fiery, Moushmi, Jenna, Mich, Pallavi, Sarika, Kritika, Christine Bolton, Satyen, Ishita, Aishwarya, Usha, Priya, Jude, Jeff, Jen, Val, Cheryl, Roshni, Nima, Jaya, Richa, Chris, Goutam, Little Charmer, Reena, David A, Lia for leaving wonderful, heartwarming comments.

Thank you also Robyn, Irene, Ruth, IJ, Fandango,Nayana, Anjali, Pragti, Sonia, SaphilopeS, Dr.Juri, Mel, AJ, Lluìs, Soumitra, Lidia, Susie, Jennifer, Bombay Ficus, Sumeet, Susi, Eric, Shaunak, Carol, Jay-lyn, Prerna, Samreen, Saania, Angela, Vall and Lorraine.

Thanks all others who occasionally visit or comment.

I miss Inky and Gina, who have left blogging. They were a great inspiration. I miss Rachel, Andrew, ESP, Yasmin and Parikhit who are not blogging these days. I am also missing Avia/Zael/ L sorely.

I may have missed a few names. I am deeply sorry for that. Please know that I blog because I want to share my writing. I love getting feedback and connecting with fellow bloggers. I know some of you are not very comfortable with conversations here or don’t have time, I appreciate your likes. I also understand if you don’t like a post, because if it does not resonate or is not like worthy, you shouldn’t like it.

Thank you, all of you. Please keep giving me your honest feedback.

85 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  1. and yes, sometimes people don’t feel like commenting or probably don’t know what to say, really… 🤔 but just knowing that they are “there”, read and seen your writing, and probably will react next time 😉😂 – is already a huge support!

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  2. Ohhh Punam..your poetry will always be part of my heart.
    And your presence here is really appreciated…i love your works..

    I miss some people too..i hope they come back soon😚☺☺

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  3. Adore your writing style and learn a lot from the way you present your thoughts. Hats off. You are gorgeous. All the best! Keep writing and keep inspiring us. Loads of love and hugs. (Hearts)

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  4. Punam, sweetheart, thank you for your magnificent words and wishes. You help us all. I don’t think you realize how much you give us. How much your talent, the beauty, and the goodness of your soul means for all of us. You are the friend one wishes to have. I know it was a difficult year. Perhaps is still difficult for most of us. Please keep in mind I am here for you. May 2021 bring you success, love and happiness 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊

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  5. The WP blogging community is awesome and I’m so happy to have found your blog! You may feel enriched and supported but know that you are a big part of the support that we all feel – Thanks for your beautiful blog!!

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  6. Punam, you are the sweetest. I always look forward to reading your poetry, not only does it bring pleasure and touch upon so many emotions, but I love that your writing never shies away from controversial topics. I have learned so much reading your work. Not only do I appreciate your responses to my writing, but the fact that you check in on me when things seem a little off. I hope the coming year will be easier and inspirational for you❤️

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  7. thanks sis! WOW talk about spreading the love … you are adored and rightly so 🙂

    Your posts are more than sublime, your kind heart and support and YOU are such a blessing in many of our lives … just keep being you, keep creating and we can’t help but love you 🙂

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  8. Amazing! Gratitude and thanks is one of the key tools of happiness. I love the way you write from the heart – it is cathartic, not only for you, but for your readers too.
    Thank you so much for sharing a part of you.

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  9. Thank you, Punam. You are one of my favourite people. You are so very kind and talented, and your voice makes mine stronger because sometimes I am afraid. It was a particularly hard year last year. I am so relieved you are through it, even if 2021 offers more of the same. I will write some more poetry for you and hope you that you continue to write for all of us. I must confess I am having a little trouble reading at the moment. My mind seems fit only for pretty pictures at the moment so if I don’t comment you will know the reason why.
    Btw, I have been thinking about you lately. I really want to send you that vegemite. I am concentrating on the little things. Can I ask Ping for your email?

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    1. Tracy, I totally understand when you don’t comment. Even I don’t know how 2021 will pan out but I have you all and it does make it better. I have learnt to voice my concerns from you and I want to keep on writing things that bother me.
      It is very kind that you want to send Vegemite. Let me see if it is available here. These days amazon has brought the world to my doorstep. Lol.
      Yes please, you can take it Ping.
      Thanks so much, Tracy. ❤️

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  10. And thank you Punam for being who you are. 💛 I wish and pray that this new year shower you with blessings. I wholeheartedly appreciate this heartwarming write-up….May you reach greater heights❤❤

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  11. Really well done, lovely post… I have tried to do this kind of thing right at times, mostly on my earlier blogs, and it’s always a challenge… but you’ve done it beautifully. Kudos and hugs to you, Punam, and may all that gratitude come right back at you. You interact with time and care and that makes all the difference. 💛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is really cool. It’s funny, I have done the reverse type of thing almost… I used to specifically name everyone, but found that I invariably left someone out or the ordering would offend someone, and it almost seemed to do more harm than good, so on this blog, which was originally about creative freedom, I mostly left all that aside. But there is something powerfully lovely for those who are named. You’ve pretty much covered all the bases here, such a type of post couldn’t be done much better really! 💗

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      2. Lol! That’s the reason I never named anyone earlier. But this time I thought…how would they know if I don’t tell them. Sort of shouting ‘I love you’ from the rooftop!! 😂😂

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