My inner child

(Unleashing the ten year old me…)

English is so confusing and confounding, o lord!

I think I’ll go crazy studying it, egad!

The table has two pairs of legs but refuses to walk

The chair has arms but can only rock!

The hands of the clock are useless there

For neither can they clap nor comb my hair!

The comb has innumerable teeth yet cannot bite

Whereas the shoe has only a tongue but still manages to bite!

The ear of corn is the most useless of all

It can never ever hear when I give a call!

The heart of the artichoke never ever beats

The nose of the aeroplane surprisingly never leaks!

Oh mom, please help me I will go crazy

For there’s frog in my throat and butterflies in my tummy!

Now, don’t you lose temper or harangue

Mom! I think that the cat has got your tongue!

What do you see # 61 – 21st December 2020

79 thoughts on “My inner child

  1. Hahaha! What a fantastic poem Punam. English is verily a strange language. I think there is a book by that name too ( or something similar) Thanks a lot for joining in with this poem.

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  2. This made me smile from ear to ear! English is full of unusual phrases and names for things but we don’t take ourselves as seriously as some… (cough, cough, French, cough)

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  3. Brilliant, Punam. It reads like a riddle. Great fun 🙂 English is my first language and I frequently think how difficult it must be to learn. Latin was bad enough, but at least it’s logical.

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      1. Am good thank you, how are you doing? Lately work schedule has been crazy… took some timeoff too, And little time i mange to get, goes in catching up with others posts.. Hopefully soon!

        Btw, Belated New Year Wishes!!!

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      2. Belated New Year wishes to you too! I am good too, thank you. Time management is a problem but I am managing somehow.
        Look forward to reading your posts whenever you can find time.
        Take care.

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