Year end clean up

The year had dawned like the previous one

usual fanfare but nothing unusual about its arrival

then the pandemic dropped like a bomb

leaving us all verklempt and uncertain

but I have had enough and am determined

to exterminate this year completely

the last few days of the abominable year lurk slyly

I can no longer procrastinate the clean up

so with a broom and a dust pan in hand

I am going from room to room of my mind

to clean up the mess of this year

behind the door I find a spider web

entangled in it is a half dead romance

which floundered in the enforced separation

under the bed amidst the dust motes

are some old and many new regrets

shuffling from one corner to the other

restless, rudderless and remorseless

hidden behind some old ill-fitting clothes in the closet

are a mound of expectations which remained unfulfilled

they still look at me with accusing eyes

hoping to bear fruition

my complexes sit under the table glaring balefully

daring me to acknowledge and accept them

there is a box in the loft , filled with stench

I open it, to be shrouded in a miasma of anger

anger of discontent brewing for nine months

on the coffee table is an overturned tea cup

with the dregs of grudges still clinging to it

I vacuum the old threadbare carpet

the dust bag is filled with hidden pain

and out tumble a pile of vile secrets

shoved under during the year

when I pick an old shoe box

I find unremarkable memories lying prone and neglected

unremembered and unappreciated

some stale anxieties are lying in the fridge

along with some frozen revenge

the colony of complains run helter skelter

caught unawares by my determined broom

cussed stubbornness is hiding in a drawer

refusing to budge even an inch

comparisons lie under the quilt

and depression keeps skulking in the shadows

impetuous judgement sits on my favourite chair

staring at me disdainfully

thank god bigotry lay wilted

‘cos I am forgetful about watering plants

lethargy and fatigue require adroit scrubbing

they have cunningly ensconced themselves to the point of invisibility

I pick each one and shove them into a biodegradable bag

I could have just thrown them into the trash can

but these slimy snakes would have slithered back

so I make a bonfire of them all

and stand guard, till each burns down to cinders

then I immerse the ashes in the fast flowing stream of life

to take them as far away from me as possible

a great burden has been lifted from my heart

I know they will soon return in some other form

I don’t expect anything fancy or highbrow from the new year

just yearn for some rustic simplicity, good old joy,

a little hope, much love and lasting contentment.


53 thoughts on “Year end clean up

  1. you know I love these ones best … I felt well swept after reading!
    And the burning was ever so cathartic … take care precious and watch out for those monsters lurking under the bed!

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  2. This is a superb poem. I think we all should attempt such a clean up. The success obviously would depend on our determination to get rid of all the junk.

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  3. The metaphorical “clean sweep” is excellent in execution and in recollection for the poem. I think you have the right idea… I’ve been cleaning as I go but there is always some things that evade me – those dust bunnies of despair that hid behind the sofa and the ones in the corners just out of reach.

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  4. Loved it, loved it loved it! You have captured so beautifully the work that we all did in some measure during this 2020 year!
    I particularly loved the impetuous judgement sits on my favourite chair, staring at me disdainfully”
    It put a smile on my face because that is so so how I would personify judgment….
    But then each of them were so aptly captured…..thank you so much for sharing!

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  5. Wow, that is powerful, Punam. I adore your broom metaphor; and, do think that introspection and contemplation are always important, and even more so now and as the pandemic continues to unfold. Excellent. Have a great weekend.πŸ™

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  6. Hi Poonam, I see a beautiful short story, a novella, may be full fledged novel in future as this mesmerising writing style continues. On a different note, we all need this clean up, but the pessimist in me is stronger this year, It keeps telling me it is just another year, a new dats that’s it, what can possibly change. However the optimist in me has different thoughts. But rest assured I am hoping against all hopes for the clean up.

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    1. Moushmi, thank you so much for your lovely words. I am a realist and believe change is the only constant …I don’t know whether the change will be for good or bad though! Let’s keep our morale up!

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  7. That was amazing, Punam! I could use your poem as a mantra on New Year’s eve as I clean my own house in preparation for 2021. Wonderfully crafted!

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  8. Punam, A couple of things on my mind will be resolved before New Years Day. January 20 will end a third concern. I need to make my New Year’s resolutions…minimal this year, I think. As for 2020, good riddance to a lot of negative experiences. Most everything can go. I will take my cues from your poem! πŸ™‚ Happy New year!

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  9. Yes, I do believe I’ve been cleaning out many dusty closets, drawers, and bringing more light into the darkest recesses of my mind. Here’s to moving forward in more positive direction Punam my dear. πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ€—πŸ’ž

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