So far yet so close

He can imagine her sitting on the porch

in the fading light of a long day

the setting vivid in his mind

as he too watches the dying embers of the sun

dusty and muddy, lying in a trench

he knows the radio would be tuned to the evening news

her heart in her mouth as she would intently hang on

to the monotone of the newsreader

her tea forgotten, a v-shaped frown creasing her delicate brow

happy tears hugging her cheeks

on learning of no more casualties

there is only static on his radio

a disembodied voice suddenly reads out a list

of cities spared bombardment

the voice fades in and out

still he catches the name of his city

relief courses through his weary, wounded body

as they both caress their radios

for a heartwarming moment they are connected

so far yet so close.

What do you see # 60 – 14 December 2020

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #125: heartwarming


67 thoughts on “So far yet so close

  1. So beautifully put! I have often wondered at the courage and the angst of loved ones when their beloved go out to battle. While there are never any guarantees of anyone’s life, this situation puts us so keenly in touch with the reality we must all reckon with!

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  2. I loved it that your writing took my there in the dusty trenches with him and I was sitting along with her on the veranda. Wonderful writing Punam. Thanks for joining in

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  3. Oh god. I lost my breath for a while, it was that good. #TheFeels 🌹❀️ what is it about distance that brings is so close?

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