News in peril

Before my sleep addled mind could align with my lazy bones

my hands would reach out for the crisp black and white

morning tea was incomplete without

worldwide view sans sentimentalism or sensationalism.

There was a time I used to carry a newspaper

while waiting at the post office, metro station or at the doctor’s

to avoid engaging with people

for the daily told the truth at a slant.*

That was the time when a fire in California could undo the reader

or a Wimbledon match energise everyone

burning issues of the far-flung world

condensed in 600 by 750 broadsheet.

Now the world has become smaller

our vision narrow and parochial

mired in local political concerns

narcissism triumphing over the canopy of universality.

Fires of nationalism fan fragile feelings

real news hidden in small columns on page 18

journalism on sale to the highest bidder

newspapers don’t carry the onus of news anymore!

*Doffing my hat to Emily Dickinson.


50 thoughts on “News in peril

  1. Punam, Years ago, I used the newspaper in my classroom. Now, I read a short online summary of the news and usually watch the news only during lunch. I used to watch a lot of news, but right now, I find it to be too depressing. Unfortunately, all of the media seem to be subject to bias and sensationalism these days, just as your poem states about newspapers. Have a great weekend! ❀

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  2. You reminded me of my college days, when I was labelled “the girl with Times of India” πŸ™‚ I had a long suburban train commute in Mumbai, and would utilise the time to update myself. I loved the editorials more than news. As you say, that kind of objectivity is lost, and readers who believe social media posts do not care about editorial opinions.

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  3. There was such a scramble to snatch up independent newspapers and now most of them are part of conglomerates that have affiliations and agendas to further this or that political ideology. So hard to find unbiased news… This poem is a wake up call – I loved it!!

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  4. So true. At one time newspapers were the epitome of worldwide information and children were asked to read them to increase their English reading, writing, and comprehension skills. And then it became sensational and a slave to the highest bidder – I would rather that children today NOT read the papers!

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