The rise of machines

As I delve deep

I go goggle eyed google-ing

I am sucked into a black hole of information

where celestial bodies’ gravitational force becomes infinite

technological event horizon seems nearer

because of the accelerating progress of technology

and its exponential growth

I stare stupefied at the blinking computer screen

trying to wrap my head around the scientific mumbo-jumbo

pausing for the scientific terms to permeate my unscientific brain

when suddenly it goes blank automatically

to turn on to show a funeral in progress

I furiously reprimand self for imagining things

and get up for a cup of espresso to clear my fogged mind

when the espresso machine spews scalding liquid on my hand

I know it is too much of a coincidence!

when I hear a rumble,

with an uncanny prescience I know the washing machine has turned rogue

and it is certainly not my febrile fertile imagination

shaking uncontrollably, I rush to the bathroom

grabbing the landline on my way

I don’t trust my smartphone right now

with shaking fingers I dial for help

“We have been taken over by Singularity!”

32 thoughts on “The rise of machines

  1. Being taken over comes close to sci-fi.

    Yesterday, I wrote on two prompts here – “illusion of power” and “bewitched”. Late night, I was reading a book “The Untold Story of Sita”, where these two terms jumped up. I believe that close repetition of something is a message from the universe. It kept me awake till 4 am.

    I wonder if the so-called universe is a singularity, whose language we have not learnt to decipher.

    Thanks for the contribution!

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    1. And sci-fi is not something I am good at, so had to take a humourous view!

      There are times when one wonders if there are things beyond the dimensions we can comprehend!
      What seemed impossible a few decades ago is now a reality! Who knows we may finally decipher this singularity in not so distant future.

      My pleasure, Reena.

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