Day 25 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Breaking rules of poetry

Form: Self made

Rebellious words decline to kowtow to diktats
their free flow refuses to be restricted
I call them to order
today they are the rule breaking brigade
plotting to topple my lofty plans
all allegations of my stranglehold are false
strange it may sound, I don’t define my words
they define me
they are not in a mood to be framed
in the way I want to
after wresting with them the whole day
I banish them to the corner
they glare balefully but stand their ground
I admire their tenacity
cede center stage to their idiosyncrasies and
their intent to be the odd ones
too long they have followed form and order
today the form follows them.

Friday Fun – odd one

I have followed the form rules till now so today I break that rule and write in free verse!:)


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