Day 23 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Gratitude

Form: La’libertas

Darkness, the candle in my heart
brightens the goodness around me
I surrender to its joyous glory
thankful for this mosaic art

for the dawn after the endless night
for the unseen friends who cheer along
for those moments of utter cowardice
for the ability to fall on my knees
for the abundance of sorrow in happiness
for that hidden reserve of can dos

When it’s difficult to just be
I watch myself falling apart
a helping hand helps me restart
I accept my faults grudgingly

Amid the gloom, bloom love and acceptance
hope thriving in the face of hatred
happiness refusing to back down
family and friends silently mouthing ‘I care’
these are enough to light my world
and my half filled cup runneth over.

वे रहीम नर धन्य हैं, पर उपकारी अंग ।
बांटन वारे को लगे, ज्यों मेंहदी को रंग ।।

(Rahim says just as the hands of the one who applies henna on others get coloured, similarly the one who is always ready to help others leads a blessed life.)


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