Ode to ooziness overload

Day 21 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Taste

Form: Tongue twister type free verse

An explosion of taste, ecstasy in a globule
spicy, savoury, sour (some like it sweet) sensations
mouth watering, mouth numbing, mordant mishmash
wafer thin, crispy, delicately round
fried hollow wheat balls
stuffed with a smorgasbord of spiced potatoes and black gram
topped with tart, tangy, tamarind infused water
acrebic, acidic, acrid and astringent ambrosia
profusion of pulsating, piquant, punchy puchkas/panipuris
bursting with flavours in your mouth
a gastronomical gorging of gigantic proportion!

This is my ode to my favourite street food which due to the pandemic is an absolute no go! Making it at home is just not a good enough substitute.

In various parts of the country (India) it is called gol gappe, puchka/fuchka, pani puri, pani batasha etc. To enjoy it you need a strong stomach and a love for spicy, sour food!

You can read more about it here.


68 thoughts on “Ode to ooziness overload

      1. ah thanks my tummy says much thanks!
        I have found excellent Indian breads in the supermarket here … not the same as freshly baked on the open fire but nearly πŸ™‚

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      1. Oops, I should start eating them then! Maybe being born in Lahore and living in Lahore can compensate for my lack of gol gappe appreciation?

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  1. I wish I were at a street festival in Adams Morgan, in Washington, DC, today, eating street food from many different countries. I used to enjoy street festivals when I lived in DC many years ago! Now look what you’ve done! I guess breaking for lunch is about the best alternative! Eat some pani puri for me! πŸ™‚

    All the best, Punam! ❀ Cheryl

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    1. I know that. In Delhi, the problem is the people. They won’t keep distance and let one family finish! They crowd you. And with the mask down for eating, it is these people I fear.


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