Dear muse

Day 11 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Letter to muse

Form: Didactic

Dear Muse,

Your whimsical and stubborn ways
exhilarate and exasperate me always
marching to your own, sometimes melodious oft discordant, tune
(like yesterday you wouldn’t let me talk
of lofty letting go of deep sounding emotions
but guided my words to a facile, frivolous issue)
so be it!

I have learnt not to wrest with you
you take me away from the intricate complexities of writing
and words gush out in a seemingly linear trajectory
that’s how it is!

a sudden gust of epiphanies
a gentle breeze of sagacity
a torrent of emotions
a sudden stillness of heart
life moves at your pace for me
and I am in for the ride!

holding your hand I rush from activism to mush
you leave me bemused
when I start writing something
but end up telling an entirely different tale
I have learnt to live with it!

you seize me suddenly in the midst of mind numbing chores
with the most exquisite idea
during the night on the brink of the great void of sleep
you whisper a phrase that my hazy mind chants like a mantra
lest it be forgotten by the morning
you work strange hours!

you leave blood on my hands with rapier sharp words
the same hands have the softest touch writing about love
fluttering on my shoulder
guiding my reluctant fingers
sometimes acting elusive
leaving me hanging mid sentence
I have learnt to be patient for you to return
you have given voice to the downtrodden
vision to the unseeing eyes
words to the tongue tied
clarity to an addled mind
Muse, let me put on the record
I am nothing without you!

35 thoughts on “Dear muse

  1. aaah the joys of being able to live in the moment, accepting what is and what is happening and learning how to enjoy it…rather than living in the past or the future OR wanting it to be like this or that!

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  2. I so enjoyed reading it. The playful muse and the writer. Hahaha
    ‘when I start writing something
    but end up telling an entirely different tale
    I have learnt to live with it!’
    and the leaving in the middle
    and the wrong time of arrival.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #relatable

    I kid. It’s more than just “relatable” I constantly went like “Wait, that happens to me! So does this! So does this!” So in that way, a very nice, very illustrative piece of what inspiration, the ever-fickle muse, is like. I was smiling the whole way down πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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