Chaotic beauty

Day 3 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Beauty in chaos

Form: Free verse

My country, a kitschy cornucopia of colours,
chaotic and cacophonous, culinary overdose
its confounding confusion adding to its charm
love it or hate it, it touches your soul!

My home, a beautiful perpetual mess
books, food, music strewn all around
with a lived in look predominant
an oasis of calm for all of us, a place that lets us be.

My mind constantly in a churn
scattily jumping from facile to profound
a hundred thoughts chasing each other
some flitting away like butterflies
some I capture with paper and pen.

There are days I find my calm in the eye of the tornado
thriving in the frenzy of ups and downs
the beauty of this life is hidden in its chaos
sometimes order is too ordinary to live by.

86 thoughts on “Chaotic beauty

  1. Aaah I loved this. The transition from vast land nation to inward vantage of mind. Truly chaos is what makes life extraordinary and once lived that, ordinary is boring.

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  2. Hello Punam! Welcome back!! And better than ever I might add! This is one of your best – order can be quite ordinary and you are anything but ordinary. Your words painted a picture of gorgeous, well lived chaos that I would love to fall into.

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    1. Hi Irma! I was away for almost all of September. I missed your birthday, but you were always on my mind. Happy belated birthday, my dear! I

      I am so glad that you liked this. I am sure your life is as chaotic as mine and we wouldn’t change it for anything, isn’t it!!
      Much love to you. ❀️

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      1. I hope your time away was refreshing although I have a feeling your pen wasn’t given a break at all. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Uneventful which is just fine with me. Wonderful to read your words again! πŸ’•πŸ’•

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      2. It was refreshing and relaxing, Irma. Though honestly I didn’t touch my pen…it was a conscious decision to refrain from writing. It feels good to write again. ❀️

        I guess we can write off this year as uneventful as far as any celebrations are concerned. If only we did not have to add this year to our age!πŸ˜‰πŸ€­

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      1. I wrote sth similar once, prose though. Submitted it but it wasn’t accepted. Maybe they’ll like you. They are called Porrage magazine – accept reprints too. They have a section called Comfort food I think you’ll find interesting. Make sure you check it out.

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      2. You get used to it. The explanations I get are hilarious at times.
        Have you tried the Straight Branch? They have a print issue only and you may have to wait a while, but everything counts. They accepted an experimental poem of mine as well as a critical one nb else wanted (or understood).

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  3. This reminds me of how, as a child, I would often be told my room is a mess, and I would say “But I know where everything is! If I tidy it up, I won’t know that!” That sort of belonging to the chaos and the chaos of it belonging to you; knowing it, inside and out so to you, it transcends chaos and becomes stillness. It moves beyond being the storm, as it remains to the uninitiated, but then for you, who made your home in it and in whom it made a home, it is calm.

    Ahh, belonging. A wonderful take on the prompt.

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  4. Oh WOW oh Wow oh wow, Punam–this even exceeds your last one I “wow’d”!!! Calm in the eye of the storm–so true; and this ending is so perfect, I’m sighing in agreement: “the beauty of this life is hidden in its chaos
    sometimes order is too ordinary to live by”.

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      1. You make me laugh with JOY today, Punam–thank you–and always much love sent to you, as well as prayers for you and your family! ❀

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      2. It’s my great honor, Punam! And as for my laugh–I’m not one to do the ladylike titter or giggle…I’m always the wide-open-mouth guffaw or cackling!πŸ˜‰

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  5. The eternal struggle between order and chaos, the yin and the yang and amidst that the “balance” that we find – your calm in the eye of the tornado πŸ™‚
    Order is in fact boring and yet comforting
    Chaos is in fact scary and yet full of opportunities πŸ™‚

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