My light

Day 1 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Shining your light

Form: Kyrielle sonnet

My shadow, my darkness are me
Letting my light shine as bright can be
But blackness oft misunderstood
The eternal dance of bad and good!

Fiery flame fights ghostly gloominess
Teetering on the edge of an abyss
I balance sometimes on one foot
The eternal dance of bad and good!

Chiaroscuro theme of life
Light and darkness its two sides
Bringing out the best, as it should
The eternal dance of bad and good!

My shadow, my darkness are me
The eternal dance of bad and good!

( I have been unable to stick to eight syllable per line count!)

My annual pilgrimage to the altar of poetry begins. Morgan’s prompts often lead me to delve within myself to write from a very personal space. I will be writing daily this whole month along with my usual responses to various prompts.

73 thoughts on “My light

  1. Yes! This is what I said, only your post is a lot less sweary.
    Also, I don’t apologize for the fact that I may very well not follow any of the style prompts.
    Cie from Poetry of the Netherworld

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    1. Hey Cie! Good to see you. I prefer to swear in my native tongue! Lol
      The forms suggested are often constraining but I enjoy trying them nonetheless.
      Will catch up with your post soon.


      1. thanks precious … will work for me if I can keep the bulk of my community! That’s really what I’ve enjoyed most about WP but five years and the party is over 😦

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      2. Kate, I do most of my writing from my phone and I have the option of classic editor every time I post.

        But I have to use my pc for the weekly Ragtag prompt and there I can’t use the classic editor!

        Since it is just once a week, I am not complaining.

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  2. I didn’t know October was poetry writing month! I always wait until April for National Poetry Month.. I love this one. We are all light and dark – so true. The conundrum is to find the shadow line between the two!

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  3. “The eternal dance of bad and good” – a fantastic image and so true of us all, we all dance that dance! Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful poetry!

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  4. I totally totally love this….the eternal dance of bad and good
    The eternal balance between order and chaos.

    At one time I was unaware of my darkness, then uncomfortable with it, then I started to be proud of it, then identified with it, and now acknowledge it as a part of me (among other things πŸ™‚

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    1. Most times we try to deny the existence of our dark reality. It takes a conscious effort to acknowledge and accept. It is what makes us whole.

      Thanks, Shiwani. 😊


  5. The eternal dance of bad and good indeed! I can almost hear the music; mellotron, dulcimer, couple cellos – it’s a ballroom full of macabre imagery, a masquerade ball of spinning gowns and dapper gentlemen, bright colors clashing with the darker hues, like gold against pitch black velvet (I might use that last one XD)


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