Faerie time

shivering moon’s shadow pales

in the silhouetted hoary vales

the stars silently dim their light

the drowsy flowers unaware of the blight

in the fog dreams quietly fade

as a fey spirit hides in the shade

the woods inhabited by a phantom shape

a fae, maybe! who knows who is behind that verdant drape.

Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt – “Fairy” August 10, 2020



76 thoughts on “Faerie time

  1. Wonderful…
    I have read it quite a few times to plunge into its green expanse…it takes me to the space…forest…the silvery moon almost closing her eyes…the flowers shaken by late night dews….the romance and tragedy of Shakespearean tale…of those vverdant eyes behind the smoky vale…the midsummer dreams….fading…the magic of potion splits life…identity…dreams…destiny
    Take care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so humbled that my simple words took you on such an expansive journey from a forest to the skies and to the Shakespearean world! As always, your generous words much appreciated. Thanks and best regards.


      1. Well, Puck is the first one to come to mind when one sits down to write about fairies! But I am just an ordinary writer, so I just tried to create the atmosphere.


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