Cubist me

Boxes within boxes, side by side
some neatly lined
others stacked haphazardly
angular thoughts causing abrasions
convoluted ascension, linear descent
whorl of mind unready for unfolding
fractured heart papered over with smiles
fragmented emotions glued carefully
a whole image revealed in parts
a lie; maybe truth
interpreted differently by everyone
though a perfunctory bystander
may not like the art.

43 thoughts on “Cubist me

  1. This made me visualize an office composed of cubicles then I saw the aftermath of Christmas… Finally it became a metaphor for our compartmentalized lives in the time of COVID. Excellent poem – was like swimming through emotions!

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  2. WOW, every time I read your work I hope to be able to tell you my fave line, maybe two…it’s getting more and more difficult to single out just one. Lines 4, 6, 7 and 8 are my choices today–5-Star, with a quiet wow…because your voice sounds softer in this piece.

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    1. My dear L, it is always a revelation to see our own words through the readers’ eyes! Your comments always leave me searching for appropriate words to let you know what your words mean to me. Heartfelt thanks, my dear. ❤️🤗


      1. You’re so welcome–I thoroughly enjoy your work, I’m ever captivated…and you know I’m sincere, as we’re long-time poet friends now. There are plenty of fine writers here, but some have a special something extra–and they include you, dear heart ❤ It's the weekend finally–and it's cooler tonight, hurrah!!:) I'm doing the dance of JOY!

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