Night after night

Night after night, since nearly a week
He stands there
Somewhere between heaven and earth
Saying nothing
Just standing there
On long winding stairs
(The height making me giddy)
To my utter horror
A smile dancing in his eyes
Beckoning me to join him.

Night after night I feel powerless
I want to push him away
Break the spell
But wake up with a start
Sweat drenched
Seemingly stuck in time
Unable to wrench myself free.

I vacillate weakly
Should I give in to tiredness
Or continue to fight
The diehard me wants freedom
To erase unwanted memories forever
Or not
To write the next chapter
Without pressure
To suit myself

Maybe, I will.

What do you see # 38 – 13 July 2020

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #104: Next Chapter


68 thoughts on “Night after night

  1. My dear Punam. Sometimes I wonder if I would want to erase unwanted memories forever, to cast away nightmares. But then, I wonder if I’d know myself. Your poem is a beautiful journey of thought and introspection, between dreams and reality
    β€œSomewhere between heaven and earth”

    Brilliant and thought provoking xxooxx ❀️❀️

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    1. My dear Rachel, you are so right! We are a sum of all that we experience…good or bad. I too wouldn’t like to cast away nightmares but perhaps have more say in what happens next. I should credit the picture for where it took my words.

      Thank you so much, my dear for your appreciation. ❀️❀️


      1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Tracy, I am so sorry if my morose, mournful and meditative verses get you worried.

        But at the same time it feels good to know that I have friends who care. ❀️

        I promise today I will post a simple feel good poem culled from real life. πŸ™‚

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous Punam!! I so so LOVE thisβ™₯️β™₯️
    Memories in a way, define us, don’t they? Good or bad, they are a part of us that only WE know entirely. And I think that’s why they affect us so deeply. But we need to learn to live with even the painful onesβ™₯️
    Gorgeous PunamπŸ’ž

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  3. Some writers do not believe in ‘muses’… I think dreams can act as a muse or at the very least a good subject for poetry πŸ™‚ Though frankly… I think I’d like to do with a few less nightmares and waking with a heart that is beating beyond the norm! πŸ˜€

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  4. An interesting poetic work….that travels from a space to space, touching realms of real and unreal in fluttering emotions of a child’s eyes….
    It defines the heaven and the earth of its aspirations and dangles in between to choose which is sweeter and when…in remembrance or in forgetting…
    But, care or not, they are there…standing as an infallible event of life…the memories are evidence of life…it negates the time running ahead and affirms the time it embraced…it glorifies the moments of doing or not doing a right thing in right manner at right time, but it never complains…it only stares at…helplessly as life leaves it like Arthur’s soldiers….
    There is a long space between the heaven and earth…and it is what it is…the space between the life and the mind…the done and the undone….the dream and the pursuit….and it inflates the confidence of a soul….the struggle is balancing itself to see that neither side loses… it survives…the battle can live so long treaty fails….mind battles with emotions…time with memories…life with events…
    But, nothing is more magical than winning it…. Dumbledore walks down the stairs…..between his twinkling eyes sparkle the hope for goodness…and a good deed is assigned only to one good soul…none else can do it…just a pure soul…unrelenting…undefeated…ever struggling…with images and faces real….
    A beautiful verse to enjoy this noontide…

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    1. I agree… memories are an infallible event of life!
      That old man reminded some of Gandalf and others of Dumbledore! Such is the power of imagination!!

      I am so happy you enjoyed it during a leisurely afternoon. Thanks very much.



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